Depression Bracelet

This depression bracelet is made with two very powerful healing stones. They are Lapis LAzuli and Smoky Quartz.


These are their benefits: 


Lapis Lazuli promotes :Peace, Heath, Love, Protection, Youth Spirituality
Lapis Lazuli Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius
Lapis Lazuli Number 3
Lapis Lazuli Planet Venus
Lapis Lazuli Chakra: Throat, Third Eye & Crown

Lapis Lazuli healing attributes and properties:
awareness, bones, joints, confusion, mental disorders, concentration, recall dreams, dream work, seizures, eyes and sight, grief, immune system, heart, awareness, insomnia, manifestation, PMS, general protection, , psychic awareness, abilities, intuition, shingles, restless leg syndrome, sinusitis, spleen, teaching truth, vertigo, viruses, wisdom, arthritis, magic psychic protection

Smoky quartz is related fundamentally with the root (base, first) chakra.
Smoky Quartz promotes concentration,
Smoky Quartz Zodiac Sign Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Smoky Quartz Planet Pluto

Smoky Quartz healing attributes and properties: , nightmares, x-Ray exposure, hips, depression, abdomen, reproductive system, , nerve tissue, heart, cramp, the back, nerves, assimilation,fluid regulation concentration, pain relief, fear, legs, headaches, stress, muscle

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