Root Chakra

First Chakra: The Muladhara (Red-Foundation) is the base chakra and affects sexuality, lust, obsession, stability, sensuality and security and your basic needs. It encompasses the first three vertebrae, the bladder, colon, bones, legs and immune system. When this chakra is open, we feel safe and fearless.
⦁ What can you do to feel more secure in life?
⦁ Tell about a situation you avoided. Why did you avoid it?
⦁ Tell about a situation you faced head-on despite danger and why?
⦁ Have you ever let your lust get the better of you?
⦁ What is your most secret fetish?
⦁ Tell about a time you were the most afraid in your life
⦁ Explain your obsession with an object or other person
⦁ Describe your most memorable sexual encounter
The element for this chakra is earth and its crystals are garnet and red jasper. The emanating color is Red and the balancing color is Green. Its identity and lesson are physical and self-preservation.
The rights and responsibilities associated with this chakra are to have and to be here. The balanced chakra energy associated with it means that you feel safe and secure and you are physically healthy and have good body image. You are living and earning in your correct livelihood and are prosperous. You live in the here and now and are able to be still when needed.
You excessive chakra energy can mean being sluggish, heaviness, monotony, hoarding, materialistic, greedy and are a workaholic.
When you are deficient in this chakra energy you are fearful, anxiety-ridden, lack discipline, are restless, spacey and have difficulty manifesting. You also resist structure.
The yoga postures associated with this chakra are foot and leg stretches along with seated/lying and standing poses. Also use core lifts, forward folds, locust, child and lie face down poses.
Other healing activities include walking, hiking, playing, gardening, eating and sleeping right, and working with your hands.
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