Sacral Chakra

Second Chakra: The Svadhisthana (Orange-Dwelling Place), is also known as the Sacral chakra and is your creativity and sexual center. It is located above the pubic bone, below the navel, and is responsible for our creative expression. This includes basic emotions, relationships, violence, addictions, pleasure, joy and creativity.
⦁ Tell about your first love, even if he/she didn’t love you back
⦁ Tell about a time you physically hurt another person
⦁ Describe a time you were physically hurt by another person
⦁ Explain your worst addiction. How did you, or how can you, overcome or control it?
⦁ When have you given into temptation: How could you have avoided it?
⦁ List 5 ways to be happier
⦁ What do you get excited about? How can you bring that enthusiasm to every aspect of life?
⦁ What can you do to become more creative?
⦁ What makes you angry and why?
Svadhisthana chakra is about dwelling place. This includes the pelvis, lower back, abdomen, ovaries and prostate.
This chakra’s element is water and its crystals are moonstone and carnelian. The emanating color is Orange and the balancing color is Blue. This chakra’s identity is emotional and the lesson is self-gratification.
The rights and responsibilities under this chakra are to feel, to want and to create. Your balanced chakra energy is emotional intelligence. You can change and you can nurture yourself and others. It represents healthy boundaries but at the same time you can feel pain and pleasure along with sensual satisfaction.
Its challenges are guilt and the excessive chakra energy is being too sensitive, too obsessive, having poor boundaries, emotional dependency, emotional instability and sensual/sexual addictions.
The deficient chakra energies are emotional numbness, fear of pleasure and change. You can also be apathetic, bored, experience frigidity and impotence.
The correlating yoga postures associated with this chakra are the cobra, cat stretches, seated hip openers, core lift, bound angle, standing hip circles and stretches, eagle or cow legs, bathe, swim.
Other healing activities includes improve flexibility, dance, enjoy your senses, and experience emotions.
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