Healing Stop Smoking Bracelet Quit Smoking Healing Bracelet Hematite Amethyst Bracelet Healing Stop - Healing Atlas
Healing Stop Smoking Bracelet Quit Smoking Healing Bracelet Hematite Amethyst Bracelet Healing Stop - Healing Atlas

Healing Stop Smoking Bracelet Quit Smoking Healing Bracelet Hematite Amethyst Bracelet Healing Stop

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Healing Stop Smoking Bracelet Healing Bracelets Hematite Amethyst Bracelets Healing Stop Smoking Bracelet Stack Quit Smoking Bracelet Stack

This is a listing for Healing Stop Smoking Gemstone Bracelet. This is a gemstone Stop Smoking Bracelet created with all the gemstones associated with Stoping Smoking. These are Amethyst , y Hematite

For the best fit possible please specify your wrist's measurements. In order to make bracelet to specific measurement I must add or remove 10mm gemstone bead, please bare in mind that sometimes it is an approximate measurement.

Amethyst beads are very beautiful. They belong to the Crown Chakra. Amethyst is associated with prosperity, magic, mystery, protection and psychic powers. People believe it helps with sobriety and recovery from addiction.

Amethyst Number 3
Amethyst Zodiac Sign Pisces and Aquarius
Planet Amethyst Jupiter and Neptune
Birthstone for the month of February

Properties and attributes of healing are =
disease, addictions, alcoholism, travel protection, psychic, arthritis, joints, bones, asthma, blood vessels, blood, circulatory system, burns, metal disorders, strength, diabetes, remembering dreams, fibromyalgia, immune system, healing and general health, general headache, happiness, peace, insomnia, intuitive awareness, nightmares, pain relief, past life, prosperity, abundance, attracting money, PMS, psychic protection, awareness, skills and intuition, spiritual development, skin disorders or skin, tension headache, toxins, travel, sleep disorders, confusion, epilepsy,

grounds us = It reinforces our association with the earth, making us feel protected and secure.
improving memory
yin-yang energies to adjust the meridians and balance between the ethereal sensory and the physical sensory systems.
It centers vitality and feelings for harmony between the body, brain and soul.
boosting respect toward oneself
overcome impulses and addictions, treating indulging, smoking and different types of overindulgence.

Hematite restores, reinforces and directs the blood supply, supporting blood conditions, for example, iron deficiency. It backs the kidneys and recovers tissue. Fortifies the retention of iron and development of red platelets. Treats leg spasms, nervousness and a sleeping disorder. Hematite supports spinal arrangement and cracks.

Hematite promotes Focus , Concentration , Willpower , Reliability ,Courage , Confidence ,Optimism , Trust , Balance ,Stability , Protection
Hematite Zodiac Sign Aries & Aquarius
Hematite Planet Mars

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Please Note: All healing properties information listed has been collected from various sources. This information is offered for informational purposes only. They are not intended to treat medical conditions. Healing Atlas does not guarantee the validity of any of these statements
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